GOEX black powder is on the way out.

Hodgdon is ready to sell the GOEX company.

This is what Hodgdon Vice President of Sales & Marketing Aaron Oelger has to say.

Hodgdon Powder Company has owned the GOEX Black Powder Company for 12 years. Aaron Oelger, who is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Hodgdon Powder Company, was interviewed by YouTuber I Love Muzzleloading and spoke of the search for a new owner of the GOEX brand.

Listen to what they have to say about Hodgdon has to say about their future in the muzzleloading industry.

My take away from this interview is that Hodgdon is pruning off the black powder manufacturing to put their emphasis on smokeless powder only. They appear to be interested in the future of their smokeless alternative powders and are ready to send of black powder manufacturing to the next owner. Take a listen and hear from the inside what Hodgdon is planning for the future.  

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