In the world of bad ideas this one is on the top.

Shooting a .50 BMG cartridge in a 12 gauge shotgun is nothing you want to try.

Watch as this fellow fires .50 BMG cartridges twice in a 12 gauge shotgun.

Always use the correct ammunition for your firearm. Never mix various ammunition because the wrong ammo in the wrong gun can lead to a catastrophic failure.

The above being said there has been a great deal of memes with photos of live .50 BMG cartridges fitting into 12 gauge shotguns. Don’t do it! Firing this dangerous mismatch in the video shared by YouTuber X Products shows what exactly will happen. The the brass casing will be fire formed and split when a .50 BMG caliber cartridge is fired in a 12 gauge barrel. Yes that is not how it should look…

While the double barreled shotgun appears to have survived the two shot torture don’t bet there was no damage done. Seriously watch this video and but never try this ever!

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