Do you own a break action shotgun and looking for a different kind of fun?

Well the Short Lane Gun Adapters Black Out Reloadable Shell might be your next purchase.

I got a chance to test out the Short Lane Gun Adapters Black Out Reloadable Shell and here is what it is all about.


The company Short Lane Gun Adapters might sound familiar to many of my readers. Previously I reviewed both the Pathfinder Series Adapters and the Stack-N-Pack Kit. In a recent conversation with my friend Ray Banister who also happens to be the company owner and an all around good guy the subject came up about a review of the Black Out Adapter. In short order a kit was in my eager hands and ready for a full review. Friendly customer service is what Short Lane Gun Adapters is all about.


So what is this unique adapter for? Well this 12 gauge adapter is for Break Action Shotguns and allows you to reload the adapter with Black Powder or Pyrodex style equivalent and lead shot. If you own an old Damascus barrel shotgun or an old tired shotgun that is not up to modern smokeless powder shells this little adapter can put life back into that shotgun. Interesting right? The kit comes with:

  • 12 Gauge Black Out Adapter
  • 50 Grain Black Powder Scoop
  • 20 Over Powder Wads
  • 40 Over Shot Cards

The contents allow 20 shots. You supply the lead shot, 209 shotgun style primers for ignition and your black powder or Pyrodex style black powder substitute. This adapter is not for smokeless powder use.


For the review I chose a single shot Henry Arms 12 gauge shotgun. The shotgun has a modified constriction choke tube installed similar to many standard hunting shotguns on the market. This shotgun could however be substituted by any break open action shotgun in 12 gauge you may own with a standard 2.75″ or longer chamber. How about double barreled shotguns? Well you may want two adapters if you want to fire both barrels but you get the point of course.


With the Henry Arms Shotgun in hand, GOEX FFG black powder, Pyrodex RS powder, 209 primers and some lead #5 and #7.5 shot I was ready to try out just how useful the Short Lane Gun Adapters Black Out Reloadable Shell can possibly be.


What targets should I use? With spring turkey season on the way what better fitting target could there be? Turkey targets it was and the Black Out Shell advertises as good for small game at 20 yards. Loading the Black Out Reloadable Shell was quite easy. Set the adapter upright on a non-conductive surface (no sparks!), pour in your powder from the 50 grain measure (I used a full 50 grains on all shots fired for the test). Then add the thicker over powder wad followed then by your shot. With #7.5 size lead shot and a 50 grain powder charge a 1/2 ounce of shot fit snugly in the shell. A drip of gel super glue is placed on the recessed rim and an over shot card is placed and pushed into position. The second card is added on top of that to soak up and extra super glue and cause quicker drying. Wipe off any extra super glue if present. The shell is ready for loading into your shotgun. Until it is broke in the gasket will make for a tight fit (as you want it to for a good seal). With a wiggle it will go in or come out if tight when new. When the shell is in your shotgun place the 209 primer in position and close the action. You are ready to make some smoke and fire!

For the first shot I loaded up 50 grains of GOEX FFG Black Powder with #7.5 lead shot as the payload. At 15 yards away I touched off the load at the unsuspecting paper turkey target. I counted 25 lethal hits from that blast. Wow that was fun! Time for more smoke and flames coming from this regular modern shotgun.


Lets step back to a measured 20 yards to see if the small game pattern promised is there. The same load was used and the results were 12 lethal hits. The spread of shot is still quite tight and any rabbit or other small game caught in that pattern would be meat on the table.


Well now it’s time to change things up a bit. How about size #5 lead shot and for the powder why not Pyrodex RS? Even with the larger pellets and the reduced amount of shot there were 8 lethal hits counted on the unlucky printed bird. That pattern was still tight enough for small game quite a bit out farther for certain.


Now that I knew the Black Out Adapter would work well with both tested powders and the various shot sizes it was time for a power test. A medium sized metal soup can was selected to get perforated. At 15 yards the #7.5 lead shot almost made it through one side of the can with deep dents present. The #5 lead shot made it through one side with gusto and almost made it through the other side to boot! For rabbit sized game I would choose the heavier shot. For smaller targets the #7.5 size lead shot would be the win.

After testing the Short Lane Gun Adapters Black Out Reloadable Shell I came to these conclusions. It will indeed take small game at 20 yards and would come in handy for hunting or survival. Think of it as choose your own size shot (or whatever you can find) and black powder or suitable substitute found to keep your break action shotgun fed. That could come in handy if times get rough and regular shotshells are hard to get. Also the recoil was very light compared to standard 12 gauge smokeless shotshells. That would make a great training round. Did I mention they are extremely fun to shoot? They certainly have their place for shotgunners and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing it.

Be sure to check them out and also the other great all American made shotgun adapters Short Lane Gun Adapters has to offer.

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