Tired of splitting logs with an ax, wedge or maul?

Well so were the farmers and homesteaders of times past.

Check out the powder wedge that used black powder to split logs in the most epic manner.

Back in the early 20th century an invention made log splitting much easier. It was the powder wedge.

In this video shared by YouTuber vanlgough we see first hand what the powder wedge is all about. The old school vintage tool is put to good use with a measure of black powder and a fuse. When the black powder in the devise ignites a thunderous roar splits the offending logs. Now that is much easier than splitting logs the muscle way. It sure looks a lot more fun and possibly dangerous too. Yes I want one now.

Researching the old ways and the tools that the pioneers and woodsmen of a past time used is quite addictive. The powder wedge is certainly one of the coolest pieces I have come across in quite a while.

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