Some tools are just extremely handy.

Some of these products you might not even know about until now. I have found these items that would be great additions to your gear.

Remember Christmas is on the way and these items would make great presents. Might as well buy two while your at it for your own present too.

Case Amber Bone Hobo Pocket Knife


Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades gives this clip blade, fork, and spoon multi-tool a great buy. Case is a great name and they stand behind their products. Always make sure this handy knife combo is in your pocket.

Keychain Multitool with Flint Metal Matchstick Fire Starter and Bottle Opener, Great Kerosene Refillable Lighter, EDC Gift Ideas and Emergency Survival Gear


Light a fire right from your key chain. The flint metal match lighter tool also sports a beer bottle opener. How is that for handy?

Electop Multipurpose MultiTool Multifunctional Tool Kit Emergency Escape Tool with Hammer Axe Multifunction Stainless Steel Plier Saw Cross Screwdriver Knife


What does this ultimate multi-tool sport? Well how about a hatchet, handle lock, mini knife, cross screwdriver, fish fork, saw, cutting knife, allen key, bottle opener, scale scratched off knife, hammer, cutting tool, locking plier, flat nose plier, axe, big pliers, clamp handle, spear, saw, knife, allen wrench, scale knife, wire cutter and wrench. Now I would say that covers a lot of problems you might encounter away from your regular tool box.

Inteletool Telescopic Vehicle Recovery Tool Kit with Duffel Bag


When you need a tool for bigger jobs the Inteletool is what to carry. It is a interchangeable telescopic garden, maintenance and firefighting tool system built tough. It is used by Military and Government agencies. That indeed vouches for how useful it really is. Best of all it is made in the good ole USA.

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