Looking for a tough, large capacity range bag?

I got a chance to test out the Range Ready Trainer Bag, Range Master Pouch LG, & UCR IFAK Pouch and here is how they performed.

As with many other shooters, I like to be prepared for my day on the range, hunt or in an emergency. What you have with you is what might make a difference. Being able to find items you have brought with you is also another big deal. Sure you can bring an old duffle bag full of ammo, parts, targets, handgun cases, extra magazine/speed loaders, etc. but good luck finding what you need when you need it. What is needed is a large volume range bag that has lots of zippered pockets, equipment loops and adjustable and removable internal dividers. Well the great folks at 5.11 have the answer to that dilemma.


The 5.11 Range Ready Trainer Bag has plenty of space to hold everything you need for a day at the range. The 10”H x 21”L x 14.5”D size and 3051 cubic inch / 50-liter total capacity is incredible. Fully padded with a PE board base to keep your gear safe while the removable dividers let you customize the bag. Internal quick access elastic mag and accessory panel as well as elastic loops under the lid give you the ability to carry loaded anywhere you go and that’s just the main compartment. Three side compartments and MOLLE webbing let you take even more.

Other 5.11 RANGE READY™ TRAINER BAG 50L features:

  • Large loop front panel for patches/ID
  • Left side pull down pouch with internal org, name tape
  • Right side external web MOLLE
  • Dual rear zippered pouches
  • Top carry handle, removable shoulder strap
  • Quick access front internal elastic mag/accessory panel
  • Underside lid elastic bands
  • YKK® lockable zippers
  • 600D Polyester
  • Weight 1.95 kg

Right away I can tell you that I love the spacious room of the 5.11 Range Ready Trainer Bag. For size comparison a Glock 17 and 3 Glock magazines were placed in the bag for the above image. The trip to the range added much more gear, but there was room for everything in an organized manner. I really hate fumbling through a bag looking for gear at the range. If you are at a pay by the hour range as some are, well you get the picture. It certainly can get annoying quickly. The magazine and accessory loops were spot on. The PE board base kept the contents dry when placed on wet ground or a snowy range bench. The padded construction is always an extra insurance against bumps while traveling. The YKK® lockable zippers operate smoothly and help keep other shooters and children honest when the bag is present.

I also really like the internal removable dividers. They allow a custom fit to your gear hauling needs. The Velcro attachments give you a quick change ability item sizes change quickly when needed. The right side external web MOLLE webbing allow you to secure other bags and accessories to the outer area. This is a great place to mount the UCR IFAK POUCH (also reviewed) or any number of other MOLLE pouches.

Also reviewed as part of the 5.11 Range Ready Trainer Bag package was the Range Master Large Pouch. Lets first take a quick look at its features:

  • 1″ webbing top ring w/ nested pouch for easy stacking
  • Padding on top panel and padding w/PE board on bottom
  • Loop for name tape
  • 500D Nylon

The 5.11 Range Master Large Pouch allows a 610 cubic inch/10 liter capacity area to be accessed quickly as a separate unit from larger bag or as a stand alone carrier. Dimensions are 4.5″H x 11.0″L x 9.0″D and its full 3 sided zipper allows easy access for ammo, and other accessories.

This image shows a Glock 17 pistol with 3 magazines for size comparison. This padded bag certainly will carry your important gear safely.

A first aid kit is also a very important item to have not only for range days, but daily carry. The 5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch is built with that in mind. Here are the features of this handy bag:

  • 1050D Nylon
  • Quick pull drop front opening for access
  • Front laser cut MOLLE platform with loop
  • Bungee compression lashing system
  • Drain holes on bottom panel
  • Vehicle headrest attachment
  • Removable compression strap

What I really like about this 7″ H x 5″ L x 3″ W size pouch is just how handy it is. It is designed to attach to your vehicle’s headrest or any MOLLE or web platform, and with a quick pull of the top strap the 5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch is open. With the light colored interior, the contents are certainly easy to see.

Here is a look inside the 5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch. The separated compartments allow for easy use of items you might need in a real hurry. Is it only as medical bag? No, it can be used really for anything. Spare pistol magazines, ammo, hunting supplies are just a few ideas for this handy little quick access pouch.

In summary I have to add the Range Ready Trainer Bag, Range Master Pouch LG, & UCR IFAK Pouch are incredible additions to your gear hauling needs. Not only are they built to last through tough wear, they keep your gear organized when you have other problems to think about. 5.11 does a great job supplying gear that is built for the real world. With these great products you certainly will not go wrong by trusting them for your tactical needs.

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