Free bullets are left in the gun range backstop.

How do you turn these raw expended projectiles into new ones?

Check out how one shooter reclaims gun range lead by the bucket full.

For handloaders lead is a precious metal. Without lead our handloading would be much more expensive that it really needs to be.

Where do you find lead to cast into bullets? Buying it at retail dips into your reloading savings. Might as well  mine it yourself.

Where is the cheapest lead available? How about your local gun range. If you are a member of an outdoor gun range or have your own private range you are sitting on a pile of bullets. Check that backstop for fired lead bullets and fill up the bucket. Bring them home and melt them into ingots like YouTuber JIUJITSU2000 does. Then cast them into your favorite flavors of boomstick fun. Your wallet will thank you.

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