Tired of the old cheap nylon long gun slings?

Well 1791 Gunleather has a great upgrade for you in the sling department.

A quality leather long gun sling adds so much to your hunting experience. Long life is always a plus, along with great looks and many other positive attributes over those cheap, retail discount slings. Lets first look at what 1791 Gunleather lists all of the features of the Premium Rifle Sling:

Our Premium Rifle Sling will add comfort and ease of use in the field with your long gun. This is our PREMIUM handcrafted sling using premium 100% Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide leather and includes a fine suede backing for additional luxury, as well as, slip-resistant functionality. We purposefully designed our sling with a wider width at the shoulder area for better distribution of weight, making it comfortable to carry your long gun. Includes adjustable brass hardware and mounts on standard 1” swivels*.

*swivels not included

Specs & Additional Information
Height (inches): 2.5” max at widest to 1” min at narrowest
Length (inches): 36” adjusted max to 31″ adjusted min.

Right out of the box I was amazed by the quality of this sling. Quality stitching, great leather, and the beautiful construction of this sling adds to any sling-able long gun.

The Premium Rifle Sling does not come with sling swivels. On older weapons that have the regular sling swivels just attach to there. On more modern rifles and shotguns that have sling studs use detachable sling swivels. I had a couple so I attached them to the sling.

Going into turkey season, I felt it would be fitting to try the sling on the Henry Turkey Shotgun. It pairs well with it and the dark color blends in nicely. The fully adjustable sling is user custom fit for your style of carry when needed.

Here is a closeup of the mounting screws and my added sling swivels. The quality is just incredible!

A look at the buttstock shows once again just how tough the Premium Rifle Sling is built.

After using the 1791 Gunleather Premium Rifle Sling I can agree about the great quality stated by them. It is very comfortable especially with the non-slip suede inner shoulder pad, and of course the wider strap for better distribution of weight across your shoulder. I highly recommend it for anyone who tromps around the woods with a long gun.

Be sure to check out 1791 Gunleather and 1791 EDC for other great products geared toward utility and hard use without sacrificing style.

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