Sometimes you have to think outside the box for concealed carry.

Here is a messenger style bag that doubles as a concealed carry wonder.

Craft Holsters sent me over quite an interesting conceal carry bag for a full review. Lets first look at what its all about:

  • Everyday off-body concealed gun carry
  • Designed for shoulder or hand carry
  • Equipped with adjustable shoulder strap and hand holder
  • High-quality polyester and durable stitching
  • Separate, extra lined section for your handgun
  • Features a laptop/tablet compartment (up to 10’’ size)
  • Offers ample room for your entire EDC
  • Ambidextrous use, suitable for both right and left-handed shooters
  • Available in natural gray color
  • Dimensions – Height 11’’ x Width 4.3” x Depth 8.6”
  • Produced by Falco Holsters

I have long been a fan of shoulder bags for carrying all of my gear while hiking, hunting and just wandering around the great outdoors. With that in mind when I saw the Business Concealed Carry Bag in tan color my thoughts went from business carry to the wilds.

With lots of pockets, and zippered pockets, it is a no brainer for carrying not only a handgun but also survival gear and other necessities on the trail and beyond.

There are zippered pockets inside of zippered pockets! At trim dimensions of 11” x 4.3” x 8.6″ it is a bit small for a true laptop carry but very useful for other adventures.

The back of the Business Concealed Carry Bag sports a zippered pocket with a secret. Inside a Velcro patch holds a fully adjustable Velcro “holster”. This holster can be formed into what size you need for your handgun and placed inside of the pocket. It secures itself to the Velcro patch inside and is ready for use. With a quick unzip the handgun is inside ready for a quick draw.

The adjustable shoulder strap allows comfortable use no matter your size. While the Business Concealed Carry Bag is geared toward urban carry I feel it is a great “survival kit” type bag you can wear in the wilds or really anywhere with what you need in an emergency. With its compact size and so many pockets it is a natural EDC bag that won’t be left at home.

Be sure to check out the Business Concealed Carry Bag and all of the other great products on the Craft Holsters website. They certainly have what you need for your carry needs.

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