When the shotgun hulls mound up what do you do?

When reloading damaged shells is not an option recycling is.

Check out how shotgun hulls are recycled in this very interesting video.

Face it empty shotgun hulls are litter on the ground. As sportsmen and sportswomen we pick up these empty shells when we see them either for reloading or a proper trash pick up. There has to be a better way of dealing with unusable empty shotgun shells or “hulls” right?

In a video shared on YouTube by Fieldsports Channel shows a way to get away from that empty shotgun shell mountain. Recycle them. There is a specific process to dismantling those used shotgun shells that is shown on this video in detail.

Cost is always a big factor for recycling. It may come time at your shooting club when the mountain must be hauled away. Recycling might be a better cost effective and environmental alternative if the facilities are available in your area.

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