Ever get a live cartridge stuck in your barrel?

What would be the safest way to remove it?

This guy uses a grease gun to remove a stuck cartridge in a spectacular way.

YouTuber Johnny’s Reloading Bench had a major problem. A live cartridge was stuck in his AR-10 rifle barrel. What could be done to get this live cartridge out without setting it off?

A trip to the gunsmith turned into a bent cleaning rod. Back home he checked his options. Would a grease gun with a special fitting use hydraulic action and pop that offending cartridge out? The plan went well and the casing flew out with major force. It actually dented the drywall! Talk about force!

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to come up with a solution. Only the drywall was harmed in this video. Rifle barrel and shooter came out on top this time. I call that a major win.

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