15 minutes to the cleanest bore ever?

Cleanest bore ever with no smell or mess?

I got the chance to test out the IOSSO Products gun cleaning products and here is how they did.


I came across an advertisement in a well known outdoor sporting magazine for IOSSO Products and was quite interested. Safe and simple with no offensive odors was the claim of these made in the USA gun cleaning products.With 3 easy steps the bore of your firearm  would be clean in 15 minutes. The steps advertised are:

  1. Run a wet patch with Triple Action Oil
  2. Apply Bore Cleaner to a brush & stroke out 8 to 10 times, patch out
  3. Follow with a wet patch of Triple Action Oil.

Sounds easy enough right? Well my curiosity set into motion the idea of a real world test of these products from the veteran owned company.


Supplied to me for this review after a very pleasant and informative phone chat with Vice President Marianne Iosso was the following:

Eliminator Bore Brushes in .30 caliber rifle and 12 gauge shotgun, IOSSO Bore Cleaner and IOSSO Triple Action Oil Solution

Lets look at what the Eliminator Bore Brushes are all about. These trademarked blue colored Nyflex fiber bore brushes are both thick and very stiff. They have a solid shank and a brass core and are super tough. They are reusable and are made right here in the United States like the other IOSSO Products being tested.


The IOSSO Bore Cleaner is a concentrated paste formula where a little goes a long way. It will remove powder fouling, copper, lead, plastic wad residue and carbon burn. It will not harm blueing or wood stocks and has no offensive odors. The bio-based formula is non-corrosive and has no petroleum distillates or mists. Family members that are scent sensitive (or pets) and those with allergies will love the lack of scent for certain. The lack of scent my also help greatly where your game animals might just smell traditional oils and solvents.

The IOSSO Products Triple Action Oil Solution penetrates and cleans, loosens carbon and plastic wad residue, inhibits corrosion and lubricates too. It works to -74 degrees Fahrenheit so no worries in the extreme cold. It also has no petroleum distillates or ammonia. It is USDA Certified Biosafe Product and made from plant extracts. Intrigued? I certainly feel that way with these products.


Well how well did they all work at cutting fouling, lubricating and preventing rust? With a dirty 12 gauge shotgun and a Henry Arms Long Ranger .308 caliber rifle I was soon to find out.

Following the instructions I proceeded to clean a Henry Arms Long Ranger rifle. The Eliminator Bore Brush was quite tight and thorough when scrubbing the bore. It certainly does it’s job. Word of warning on the IOSSO Bore Cleaner. Use it sparingly as the instructions state. A little goes a very long way. You will notice black patches at first. These patches will eventually come out clean and your cleaning job is almost done. A patch with IOSSO Products Triple Action Oil Solution then keeps the rust away.

Next in line was a Lynx-12 shotgun. It was in need of a thorough cleaning and once again the bore brush for the 12 gauge size fit nice and tight. The patches came out black until all was clean. The system works pure and simple. Remember to follow the instructions for best results.

If you are tired of the foul smelling petroleum based solvents and gun oils why not give IOSSO Products a try? Check out all of their revolutionary products on their website. They will change how you clean your guns forever.

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