Boat dock launch fails can be quite hilarious.

The dark side is they can also be very dangerous.

Check out this guy’s boat launch fail that almost cost him everything.

Many have witnessed them. A select few have actually have been involved in them. When boat launch fails happen many laugh while others cry.

In this video shared on Facebook by Josh Bishop we see a fellow in serious trouble. While trying to unload (or load) his boat something goes horribly wrong. His vehicle rolls back into the water. He launches himself off the boat to get back in his vehicle. He slips and falls. He moves his arm a split second before it would have been crushed by the vehicle tire. The boat, trailer and vehicle are now in the water and the owner flat on his back.

This scene could have been lethal if the man had been caught between the boat and vehicle or received a head or neck injury. Be careful when pursuing your water sports. The life you save might just be your own.

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