Wish there was an easier way to clean that AR-15 gas tube?

IOSSO Products has an easier way to get that difficult job done right.

I check out the IOSSO Products Gas Tube Cleaning Kit to see how well it really works.

The Classic Woodsman

AR-15 style weapons with the standard gas tubes have always been the curse of cleaning. Long pipe cleaners and spray cleaners into this hard to reach area never get the job done right. What is needed is a really long quality made brush that can clean the entire length right? Well that is exactly what the IOSSO Products Gas Tube Cleaning Kit is all about.

How hard is it to use this system? Well all you need to do is insert the clear guide tube over the end of the gas tube. Apply a little of the IOSSO Products Triple Action Oil to the brush and feed it through the gas tube. The combination of the gas tube brush and the Triple Action Oil will remove the built up carbon. Simple right?

Marianne Iosso shows us in her own words the right way to use the IOSSO Products Gas Tube Cleaning Kit.

The test subject for this review is a Ruger AR-556 Rifle. This common AR style gas tube is in serious need of gas tube cleaning. Placing the clear guide tube over the gas tube the cleaning began. I applied a little IOSSO Products Triple Action Oil on the brush and insert it into the gas tube. Use small pushes to keep any kinks from forming in the brush shaft. A couple times back and forth did the trick of breaking up and removed all the carbon build up inside the gas tube. Well that was easy.

The Classic Woodsman

I tested out using the above instructions and the product just plain works great. No fuss and no mess this by far is the easiest way to clean out a gas tube on any AR style weapon platform. If you own an AR style weapon I highly recommend the IOSSO Products Gas Tube Cleaning Kit.

Check out the IOSSO Products Gas Tube Cleaning Kit on the IOSSO Products website along with their other great cleaning products. They are eco-friendly and made in the USA. Now that is a winning combination.

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