How far can you hit the target?

This shooter actually nails a milk jug all the way out at 2000 yards.

Witness the 2000 yard milk jug shot that will blow your mind.

YouTuber Next Zipcode shared a video that is almost unbelievable without this digital proof. It is a nailed 2000 yard shot.

Armed with a Savage Model 110 Rifle in the big .338 Lapua cartridge the shooter takes aim. A milk jug is hanging up in front of a metal silhouette target as the unlucky victim. With trial and error the shot finally connects and leaves the milk jug with a leaking hole as proof. Nice shooting!

For those who would like to try this shot make sure you have a safe backstop as Next Zipcode discussed he had in his video. A rifle bullet can go a long way after a miss or ricochet.

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