This is not your ordinary ‘How to shoot a target’ book.

Author Ryan Cleckner is unmatched in long distance accuracy and in this fantastic book, he tells us how it’s done.

Former U.S. Army Ranger and sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner knows how to shoot a rifle accurately. Mr. Cleckner was also on the TV show “Top Shot” on multiple occasions. He is extremely gifted at putting a rifle bullet where it needs to be way out there. He has written a book for the beginning rifle shooter that also will be a great asset to the expert rifleman too.

“Long Range Shooting Handbook, A Beginner’s Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting” by Ryan Cleckner is set up in an easy to navigate book. With twenty chapters covering everything of equipment, fundamentals and application this book is the how to manual for any serious long distant shooter.

Ryan Cleckner

Not sold on Ryan Cleckner’s shooting ability? Well how about the video where Mr. Cleckner picks up a Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifle and nails a target 1000 yards away with one shot? Oh yes and he did this using an offhand standing position. Could you make that shot? Better read Mr. Cleckner’s book and then maybe you have a chance.

Any rifle shooter would be greatly helped by reading this book. While the subject of this book is hitting a target way out there with a heavier caliber super accurate rifle a small game hunter could even be blessed by this information. Do you want the ability to shoot a squirrel in the head at 100 yards with a tack driving .22 long rifle chambered rifle? These tips will help you along with the ground hog, coyote and other long distance rifle hunters.

Paper punchers out at the range also will certainly be better shooters after reading this book. For law enforcement and citizens who want to be prepared for any long distance occasion, this book is absolutely a must read. If you need to have the ability to put a bullet in a small spot accurately, then this is your book.

“Long Range Shooting Handbook, A Beginner’s Guide To Precision Rifle Shooting” by Ryan Cleckner can be purchased at his website or Amazon. There is also on his website a viewing of a sample chapter. His website updates this book so the reader is kept up to date on the changing sport of long range precision shooting in the future.

When picking your winter reading give this book a study. Your long range precision shooting abilities will thank you.