How can hog hunters kill more swine?

Well Hog Zombies have it all figured out.

Hog Zombies and Convergent Hunting Solutions have come up with boar specific sounds. As you can see in this video it drives the feral hogs crazy.

A Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Bluetooth Game Calling System might be a hog hunter’s best friend. When paired up with boar specific sounds the action heats up in this great footage shared by my friends Glenn Guess and his wife Michelle at Hog Zombies. This duo knows how to give feral hogs the eternal dirt nap.

Boar specific sounds give the hunter the best option to call in feral hogs. If you are a hog hunter check out Convergent Hunting Solutions and be sure to follow Hog Zombies on YouTube. Happy hunting and may your hunts be full of pork and bacon.

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