Simple mistakes with muzzleloaders might prove fatal.

CVA Muzzleloaders wants to make sure these dangers are addressed.

In this video you will witness first hand what happens when you try dangerous games with your muzzleloader.

Muzzleloading weapons are quite enjoyable and completely safe if all proper handling techniques are observed. There are no-no’s that will not only destroy your muzzleloader but may kill or maim you or bystanders. Let’s look at the big lessons examined in the video above.

Never use modern smokeless powder in a muzzleloader.

Never under any circumstance use modern smokeless powder in a muzzleloader. Black powder or a safe manufacturer advertised alternative are the only fuels you ever have near your smokepole. Mix ups must never happen and when you load up your trusty rock lock or cap lock with a smokeless powder say goodbye to that weapon. You also may be at the emergency room or worse case 6 feet under.

Never only short start a projectile down the barrel.

A short started projectile is not pushed snug against the powder charge. This air space between the projectile and the powder charge causes a huge pressure spike. The barrel will burst upon firing. That could leave a mark. Don’t ever do that!

Keep your weapon in tip top working condition with thorough cleaning after use. Take your time and be sure that all steps of loading your muzzleloader are completed correctly at the right sequence. Be safe and enjoy your muzzleloading weapon many years to come.

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