If you are a black powder fan then Goex is a very familiar name.

This abandoned factory used to be where it was made.

Take a tour of the abandoned Goex Powder Plant and see what’s left that nature has not reclaimed.

YouTuber JPVideos shared quite a historical exploration of an abandoned factory. This factory just happens to be the Goex Powder Plant of Moosic, Pennsylvania.

As with many powder making companies (especially black powder) there were tragic accidents. All that is left of this once thriving factory are soot scarred timbers, building frames and concrete structures. Fire has taken a toll along with nature on this historic site that dates way back to the early 1900’s.

While we all like to explore old abandoned places be sure to check to be sure you are legal to be there. Also be careful because who knows what is under your foot with each step. It may be a long way down a well or worse.

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