The recipe for black powder has been around for ages.

In a bad situation the knowledge of how to make it might just help.

YouTuber The King Of Random shows us how to make black powder.

When the Chinese invented black powder way back in history they changed the world. While modern smokeless powders have changed much good ole black powder will still give you an edge in a survival situation when supplies have dried up.

YouTuber The King Of Random gathered up his recipe ingredients easily from off the shelf store products. Step by step he shows you how to make black powder right at home. He then lights some off to test burn rates and puts up the smoke big time in his kitchen.

This video is meant to be an instructive “what if” scenario. Instead of making your own in a dangerous way buy the legit black powder made today. In an end of world times doomsday survival situation go ahead and make it. Keep that old muzzleloading smokepole roaring and wild game on the table. Be safe out there.

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