Dry firing a crossbow is a real bad deal.

While some crossbows have anti-dry firing devices others do not.

Watch what happens when this shooter mistakenly dry fires his crossbow on camera.

In a quick moment of not paying attention it can happen. The dreaded dry fire has occurred.

This video shared by YouTuber Alvis Patterson we see a hunter fine tuning his zero on his crossbow. A foam deer is a sit in for the real deal as the hunter takes his shots from a treestand. One shot is right on. After that he forgets to put the arrow in. Watching the video you want to yell put an arrow in! Well, with a loud crack the crossbow goes off and the string becomes unhinged. The shooting trip is over.

No matter what bow you have always double check you have an arrow before firing. Major damage to you and your bow is a probable result. Be careful out there and stay safe.

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