Dry season is just a spark away from a wildfire.

Can an arrow actually start one?

Witness the video of a wildfire started by a missed archery shot.

Wild fires have on rare occasion been started by even gunfire especially when tracer or incendiary ammunition is used. Camp fires are a big contributor along with trash burning or tossed lit cigarettes. There is no way an arrow could start a wildfire right? Well…

In this video shared by YouTuber That’s Bowhunting we witness an almost unbelievable scene. A Wyoming antelope hunt is about to go well and bad at the same time. It’s dry season and the brush is essentially tinder waiting for any spark. It appears that a missed shot caused an arrow to spark against a rock. The antelope jumped up and with another shot was harvested. Then it was time to fight the wild fire before it became out of control.

In dry season just remember that nothing is impossible. If an arrow can start a wildfire what about a sparking bike chain or some other completely ridiculous but ultimately plausible reason? Be careful, stay alert and never take a chance when the outcome could possibly be a wildfire.

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