A mountain man’s rifle was his most cherished possession.

Legendary mountain man Seth Kinman kept this rifle close for most of his life.

Check out the legendary mountain man Seth Kinman’s rifle and marvel at the history.

No one was tougher back in history or now than the mountain men of the old times. Always by their side was their dependable tools such as a sharp knife and an accurate rifle.

Seth Kinman was one of the toughest of them all. He hunted bear and actually met with president Abraham Lincoln. The rifle Lincoln held at the meeting was none other than this rifle that was on auction at Rock Island Auction Company. The stories that well worn and repaired many times rifle could tell.

Many historical items have come and gone while others have lost the history attached to them. This rifle is quite different. Documented in writings and actual vintage photographs this one of a kind rifle continues to tell it’s tales. Old Seth Kinman would be glad to know his rifle is still kicking a full 200 years later.

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