An Ohio hunter is lucky to be alive after a fall into a well.

The 30 foot drop left him stranded in cold water.

This Jefferson County hunter gives the credit to the almighty God for his survival.

When Frank Dawson was hunting in woods off County Road 43 he had no idea how quick his evening was going to go horribly wrong. While heading out of the woods in the dark he fell down a 30 foot deep well into water. In the cold weather he was in serious danger of hypothermia.

Will a cell phone work underground? With just one bar of coverage he was able to get his buddy on the phone and then 911. The rescued him in the nick of time with no injuries other than being cold and wet. Talk about someone up above watching out for this hunter.


Always be very careful out in the wilds. Have a back up plan for friends and family members to know where you should be. Accidents happen and always watch where you step. Personally falling into a well or sink hole has been a real concern of mine over the years. My good buddy did so years back and was spared from plunging deep into a well when his long shotgun lodged above ground. If you find such a well mark it well with anything you can and report it. The next guy might not be so lucky.

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