Shooting a muzzleloading rifle is quite rewarding.

Always be sure to remove the ramrod before shooting though.

This shooter launches his ramrod in a very preventable circumstance.

Accidents are largely preventable. Gun accidents are even more preventable if the shooter pay attention to details.

YouTuber popojoeexplode was shooting his muzzleoader on camera. His first series of shots went well with no problems. His next shot though missed a step in muzzleloading reloading procedure. He forgot to take out the ramrod. This mistake increased pressures within the gun itself and the recoil is certainly more pronounced. Yes that muzzleloader could have come apart in a very bad way. He loads another round but when it is time to use the ramrod where could it be? Well it is long gone.

I give much credit to this shooter for sharing this mistake as an educational tool. All of us are in a race and hurry through everything. It is time to slow down and pay more attention to details especially where it might come back to bite us in the butts. Slow down out there, enjoy life and always be safe!

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