Ready to get away from people?

Well this abandoned ghost town in the arctic is a perfect place to visit.

Visit true solitude in this video of this forgotten time capsule far away.

Some times it would be nice to get away. This abandoned arctic ghost town is quite the hideaway.

In a video shared by YouTuber Exploring the Unbeaten Path we get to explore an abandoned town that was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Post (RCMP) used from 1924 up until 1951. The buildings are in rough shape but much of the supplies are still there. Old rusted out cans have large bear incisor holes in them. A walk through these old buildings yield a strange reminiscence of what it must have been like there 70 years ago and much earlier.

In the modern day of drama and the quest to pay the daily bills wouldn’t it be nice to take a break and stay awhile in such a historical place? The backyard view isn’t so bad either.

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