Ever hear of the old trick of splitting a bullet?

Usually a double bit axe was secured into a tree and a lead ball was fired at the edge.

Could a ball be split by hitting the sharp edge of an axe? My friend Mark Humphries otherwise known on YouTube as Black Powder Maniac Shooter was ready to give it a try.

Mark is armed with a favorite flintlock rifle. Before him is a target like no other. A double bit axe and two clay pigeon targets await a single lead round ball. If this marksman’s aim is true the ball will hit the edge of the axe. The ball with be cut in two and each half will break a separate clay target.

With all tough shots practice in necessary to make it all come together. Honest Mark shows us the close hits and the almost conquests. After some tries he nails the shot with great slow motion footage that will certainly impress you.

Many thanks to my friend Mr. Humphries for making such educational and fun black powder shooting videos. Be sure to subscribe to the Black Powder Maniac Shooter Channel and catch the black powder bug too.

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