Guns can and do explode upon occasion.

Luckily these explosions can mostly all be avoided.

The video below is a compilation of gun explosions that are quite the cautionary tale to all shooters. Be careful or else…

All of these gun fails and explosions can be explained. Here are the main reasons why the guns exploded in the video above shared by YouTuber FTV.

Squib: a fired projectile does not have enough force behind it to exit the barrel, and thus becomes stuck.

Squibs are cartridges that fire with very little power and may possibly wedge a bullet in your barrel. It is extremely important that if you hear a low thud instead of your normal bang, unload the gun and check your barrel for obstructions. Remember barrel obstructions can also be short started muzzleloading projectiles, mud, or even a stuck cleaning patch. A cleaning rod or bore sight left in the barrel will also explode a rifle. Get the obstructions out before firing another shot or else risk life and limb.

Hangfire: an unexpected delay between the triggering of a firearm and the ignition of the propellant.

A hangfire is a very dangerous situation, as a cartridge has misfired and it may ignite at any moment. If the cartridge fails to ignite and fire, count to 30 before opening the action and removing the hangfire cartridge. If you do not do this step, a cartridge could possibly go off. Better have that cartridge go off in the safety of a firearm chamber than out in the open.

Faulty handloads or bad ammunition: What a deal at the flea market for Jed’s homemade ammo.

Never shoot other peoples reloads. If they miss something you might loose a great gun and maybe much more. Double charges will turn your cherished weapon into scrap. It also might injure you or bystanders in the process of disintegration. If you reload check your powder weights and use a flashlight to be certain the powder levels of all cases are the same before adding projectiles. Those few extra seconds might save a lot of future grief. Smokeless powders in muzzleloaders will also do the blow up trick on demand also. Watch your powders.

Abused and unsafe firearms

Face it sometimes we come across guns that are safer as wall hangers. These old tired guns might have stress fractures, missing parts or were not built for modern smokeless powders. If you have any concern have a reputable gunsmith give that firearm a good check over to determine if it is still safe to shoot. Keep firearms well cleaned and rust free. Always use caution and stay safe.

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