Better be very careful when turkey hunting.

You just never know if another hunter is stalking you.

These hunters take a shot from another hunter in this hair raising video.

When out in the woods chasing a big gobbler realize other hunters are doing the same. They might be stalking you at that very moment.

That is exactly what happened to these turkey hunters in a video shared by YouTuber Xstream_Passion. While trying to call in a gobbler they did not watch their six o’clock position. Another hunter takes aim and unleashes a load of shot at the unsuspecting hunters. Pure terror of what just happened dawns on the hunters as they announce their presence.

Never shoot at sound or a movement that you are not sure is 100 percent your targeted game animal. You can never take back a bullet, arrow or load of shot in a hunting accident. Be safe and always watch for others that are not so careful.

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