When shooting Tannerite what could possibly go wrong?

If you don’t use your head there are lots of possibilities.

Check out this shooter who forgets how physics works with an explosive outcome.

YouTuber Dixie Dirt Draggers shared a video of a Tannerite shoot that should not be duplicated. The shrapnel was real and the danger level was extreme.

Start by putting Tannerite explosives inside of what appears to be an old dryer. Now fire upon it at close range. Make sure the camera (or camera man) is holding the camera to be directly in line when the door blows off the dryer. Now you are ready to put the whole group watching in danger including yourself.

Before shooting Tannerite or similar product make sure it is legal in your area. Then make sure you and everyone else is at a safe distance. Don’t take chances. Remember that guy that shot the lawn mower full of Tannerite and lost his leg? Accidents happen. Don’t be “that Guy“.

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