What is the real deal with rifled shotgun slugs at long distance?

A smooth bore shotgun certainly is not meant for distance right?

Paul Harrell tests out a smooth bore shotgun with rifled slugs at long distance to learn the truth.

There is a lot of unknown territory for many hunters using rifled shotgun slugs out of a smooth bore shotgun. While they are game hammers at close and medium ranges past that is a lot of guess work. What about accuracy at long distances to the real world drop of those behemoth chunks of lead weighing usually around one ounce (out of a standard 12 gauge shotgun load). How dangerous are they at long distance?

YouTuber Paul Harrell decided he would take on these many questions in his thorough testing. Armed with a rifled sighted smooth bore shotgun and loaded up with Winchester Super-X one ounce rifled 2-3/4″ shotgun slugs he takes aim from a benchrest to see what the real world answers are at 200 and even 300 yards.

If you hunt with a shotgun with deer slugs or hunt in an area where others do, it is a good idea to watch this video. You will witness just how dangerous rifled shotgun slugs are to deer way out there or also possibly unintended targets. Be careful out there and many thanks to Mr. Harrell for his examination of the real world ballistics and capabilities of the rifled deer slug.

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