What are your thoughts on the .410 shotgun slug for deer hunting?

There are fans and then there are scorners of the small slug.

Check out what happens on this close range .410 shotgun slug deer hunt.

There are generally three thoughts that hunters feel about the effectiveness of a .410 shotgun slug for deer hunting. There are the guys who have had success with them and will swear by them and might even remark “they shoot like a rifle…”. Then there are the middle of the road guys that say “as long as it’s short range and a perfect shot…”. The last group of hunters would not be caught anywhere near a .410 shotgun slug that “is only good for squirrels…”

What is the truth of the effectiveness of the .410 shotgun slug? In this video shared by YouTuber 77cletus we witness at close range what a single .410 shotgun slug fired with a precise shot can do. Not sure what brand this hunter was using and whether it was a 2.5″ or 3″ shell but that doe looked like it got hit by lightning.

What are your thoughts on the .410 slug for deer hunting? Personally, if it is close range and you have a precise shot it certainly can be done. I would prefer the 3″ magnum Brenneke shotgun slugs for maximum impact if your weapon is chambered for them. That being said I will stick with my favorite game hammer cartridge, the .45/70. Always use what works for you, be accurate and humane to the game you hunt.

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