Shotgun slugs can only hit at short range right?

Well someone better tell Jerry Miculek that.

Witness the 325 yard shotgun slug hit that has everyone talking.

Shotgun slugs have been long mandated in certain areas for big game in denser populated areas. These hard hitting huge generally lead chunky projectiles will lay low any big game within 100 yards. After that distance those heavy bricks take a dive in trajectory and power.

Competition shooter Jerry Miculek is sort of the shooting sports messiah. He can take shots and connect with speed and accuracy unlike most of us can. Is he actually even human or part gun? This time he targets a balloon at 325 with regular shotgun slugs. After some sighting in shots he lands a big slug right on the balloon. Nice shooting Jerry!

With a 325 shotgun slug hit under his belt what will Jerry try next? That shot we just witnessed may be a new world’s record.

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