Henry Arms is much more than a great American made gun company.

It also is a great philanthropic group of hard working Americans with a soft side too.

Guns For Great Causes is now helping Miss Sami Bernadzikowski with her massive medical bills and you can help too.

Sami Bernadzikowski of Elkridge, Maryland is battling several congenital heart heart defects and is the latest beneficiary of Henry Arm’s Guns For Great Causes.
I have been a fan of Henry Arms ever since that first lever action .22 was released to the public nearly 25 years ago. During that time I have watched the company grow into now 3 locations and over 600 employees. During this time the company always remembered it’s American values and continues to give back to those who need it most.
The newest Guns For Great Causes fundraising campaign will benefit the family of Sami Bernadzikowski. She is an 11 year old that is battling several rare congenital heart defects and has already had 5 open-heart surgeries and 30 cardiac catheterization procedures, with more to come. That adds a lot of medical bills on a family already under enough pressure to help their little girl beat her ailments. Henry Arms is here to help of course!
How can you help? The “Support 4 Sami” Golden Boy Silver rifles are now available for purchase through the Henry Arms website. The first and last rifles in the series are up for auction online. Henry Repeating Arms donated all 65 rifles. Their friends and partners at Baron Engraving for donated the engraving and painting. Very cool right!
All 65 rifles in the ‘Support 4 Sami‘ series are expected to raise over $45,000, all of which will be presented to Sami’s family to assist with their medical expenses. Now that is just incredible! I want to once again thank Henry Arms for the great work they do in their manufacturing plants and in the Guns For Great Causes and other benefits they provide. I also want to thank my readers for taking time to look at the great little benefit rifles that not only look and shoot great, but they carry a deeper meaning. It proves to the world as hunters, target shooters and gun collectors we are here to help.

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