Ever see in movies where dimes were used in shotguns as projectiles?

Would this actually work in the real world?

Paul Harrell decided to try out the mythical load to see just how well it would work in reality.

YouTuber Paul Harrell is quite the expert on firearms and makes great videos on that subject. He tackles a subject many of us have heard about but have not had experience with: shotgun loads full of dimes.

In western lore Billy the Kid shot a man with a shotgun loaded with dimes. A load of 18 dimes back in the old western times was worth much more than it is today. Also an open bored shotgun is needed or catastrophic failure might occur to the shotgun and the shooter.

Mr. Harrell does a real world test of shotgun dime loads and his results might surprise you. I certainly will stick with 00 buckshot for my heavy home defense loads.

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