Can you reload .22 rimfire ammo without a special kit?

Well YouTuber JR M decided to take on the challenge.

Witness what it will take to reload .22 long rifle ammunition during the end times.

Well a time may come when you want to fire your rimfire rifle or pistol and find you are all out of ammo and none can be found. Hopefully that will never happen but there is always a chance.

What happens if you don’t have one of the .22 long rifle reloading kits that some have purchased? Well there are ways of reloading rimfire ammo that this YouTuber demonstrates. Just add your own fitting projectile.

In the current world what if you own one of those old school obsolete rimfire firearms in say a .25 or .32 Stevens cartridges? Those cartridges are worth a lot to collectors and for shooters, well you are out of luck. An intrepid soul may take the above video and put together some loads possibly? Not saying try it but that is up to you and your own situation. Education is key and better to have the knowledge and not need it than the alternative…

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