Cover scent is an important topic for the modern deer hunter.

Why not cover your scent and attract game with the wild natural scents at your location?

I got a chance to test out the all new Scent Blender and here is how it performed.


The idea of D.I.Y. hunting scents is not a new one. From smashing an apple on your boots to using skunk scent, it all is an attempt to camouflage the human scent. What if you could mix up natural scents from your hunting area into a great cover scent and then spray it around? That is exactly the idea on the Scent Blender. Let’s first take a look at the specs of the quite interesting Scent Blender:

  • Patent-pending filtration system
  • High speed commercial blender motor
  • Maximum Power-locked rotor torque
  • Large capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • 6 precision blades made of 304 stainless steel
  • Shatter proof spray bottle
  • 1-minute blend cycle for complete emulsion
  • 20 blend cycles per charge
  • Fine mist to 20′ adjustable spray head
  • Solid safety cap to shield sharp blades

First off I like that the Scent Blender comes in a sturdy zippered bag that keeps all of the components in one handy place. It is quite easy to grab it as you run out the door. The heart of the system is the small cordless rechargeable mixer and the spray bottle. The spray bottle has a filter to avoid stoppages with you newly invented D.I.Y. scents.


For testing at my hunting location first I filled the container partially with crab apples. The deer have been hitting the crab apples hard and I knew this would be the best scent component for my future cover scent.


After adding some leaves for that earthy smell I dipped the container in the nearby pond. With all ingredients from nature itself it was time for a thorough mixing.


The blender component was put on. With two clicks the blades began to spin. I turned over the bottle and let the blender keep working until the cycle was done and the unit shut off. What I had was a very apple scented mix that was quite pleasant for even my human nose.


Adding the spray top I applied the newly made scent directly to my hunting area.


After trying the Scent Blender I can honestly state that I really like the flexibility it offers me for use as a cover scent maker or even an attractant. While this is marketed toward hunting I can see where trappers would really get a lot of use out of this well built product. The spray bottle goes from mist to stream easily and has quite a distance if you want to apply scent away from your location (20′). This is handy hitting tree branches higher to drip the newly made scent slowly. The mixer really dices up everything nicely, even tough little crab apples and their seeds.

What about the sound of the mixer? Well I pondered that question even before receiving the test product. My answer after reviewing it is gather your ingredients from your location or nearby. Then blend inside your vehicle or a building of some sorts so no sound will spook any game. It’s a mixer, there will be sound and there really is no way around that but in reality the sound was not very loud.

In summary of testing out the Scent Blender I found it to be another great tool in any hunter’s bag of tricks. Be sure to head over to the Scent Blender website and take a closer look at what they offer.

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