Many home invasions happen in the dead of night.

Chances are you will be in your bed.

The question is are you ready to run a gun battle from your bed?

Imagine the terrifying scene. You wake up in the dead of night and see an armed intruder or multiple armed intruders in your bed room. The next split seconds will determine the outcome of your perilous predicament.

Paul Harrell addresses this situation where many self defense experts do not. How do you defend yourself in your own bed? Mr Harrell explains it all very well in his YouTube video. This includes shooting through bedding for the best surprise against the adversary.

The truth about self defense is the bad happens when we are not expecting it. Generally you will be caught off guard when it best profits the home invader. Be sure to be combat ready at any moment even from your bed side. Stay alert and plan every conceivable means of defense no matter what the situation entails.

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