Looking for a quick light weight lever action .22 magnum rifle?

I got to review the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action .22 Magnum and here is how it performed.

With fall hunting seasons quickly approaching the thought of a quick action .22 magnum caliber rifle is quite appealing. With much more punch than the .22 long rifle cartridge, it is certainly better suited for longer distances on small to medium size varmints and wild game.

Henry Arms has a great option for a quick shooting .22 magnum lever action rifle. When my good friends at Silverado Arms gave me a call to let me know one had arrived for me I knew it was going to be a great review!

Before I officially start this review, let’s take a look at what the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle offers:

Barrel Length: 19.25″

Barrel Type: Round Blued Steel

Rate of Twist 1:16

Overall Length: 37.5″

Weight 5.50 lbs.

Receiver Finish: Black

Rear Sight: Fully Adjustable

Front Sight: Hooded Blade

Scope Mount Type: Ring mounts for 3/8″ Groove Grooved Receiver

Stock Material: American Walnut

Length of Pull 14″

1/4 Cock Hammer Safety

Right out of the box the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle has such a smooth action. I have come to expect that level of craftsmanship and quality from Henry and I have never been disappointed by any I have handled and fired. Check out that beautiful American Walnut stock with the well executed checkering that brings out a classic look in this modern age.

The front sight is hooded and the tube magazine allows this little levergun to be loaded up to 11 rounds.

Check out that excellent bluing job at the business end of this lever action rifle.

When I received the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle I was quite anxious to give it some test shots before a full range day of accuracy testing.

An old thermos bottle became the unlucky test subject. I estimated that the rear sight half way up in elevation would be a good place to start. A dirt pile on our hobby farm became the backstop. I loaded up 5 rounds of Winchester 40 grain JHP .22 ammunition and at a distance of 25 yards I unleashed them upon the bottle as fast as I could acquire the target. Five holes showed up in the front of the bottle to my satisfaction.

The exit holes on the back of the bottle are most impressive! That is four layers of metal construction the projectiles blasted through. Plinking with the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle is quite habit forming!

While impromptu target shooting has always been quite a hobby of mine, it will not determine true accuracy of any firearm. On a hot and humid August morning the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle got it’s proper range time in the sun.

The targets were set first at 50 yards and the rifle was secured in a solidly built shooting rest and the buttstock was also secured in a molded sandbag. Let’s see how accurate this pretty little rifle actually is.

At 50 yards one of the most accurate cartridges I fired were the Hornady 30 grain V-MAX. There are 5 shots on that target and 4 noticeable holes. The 5th is inside of one of them. The group was all within an inch.

Another cartridge that grouped within an inch was the CCI MAXI MAG 40 grain Hollow Points. No one can argue with that kind of accuracy out of such a lightweight lever action rifle.

The Remington Premier 33 grain V-Max load opened the group to 1-3/4″. A critter would still certainly have a bad day with that load!

The widest group was from Winchester 40 grain Jacketed Hollow Points. I feel part of this wider group was partly my fault due to humid conditions, fogging glasses and biting fly attacks. The one flyer opened the group to 4-1/8″ . The average of that group before the flyer was 2-3/8″. Either way, a targeted groundhog would be in past tense.

For my 100 yard test I chose this very well shot up target that was not so expertly patched in the important areas. With 5 shots fired I checked the target after using the CCI MAXI MAG 40 Grain Jacketed Hollow Points again. The overall group size was 3-1/4″. Not bad at all for regular supplied iron sights out of such a “light field gun”! Imagine if a scope was also added to this equation.

After the above groups were recorded I adjusted the impact to be dead on by loosening the small screw on the rear sight, giving the rear sight base a light tap in the proper direction with a small brass hammer, and re-tightening the screw. Now the rifle was ready for any target or varmint that might see fit to need ventilated.

In a normal day out at the property I have found the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle to pack a punch on vermin and is easy to tote around. It is so light and handy and also the action is so quick and effortless to cycle. It’s natural pointing abilities allows it to be swung quick and acquire a target before it can disappear into the brush or under the barn. I find it to be my new favorite and I look forward to testing it out on wild game shortly in the upcoming seasons.

A side note about the remarks the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle heard at the range. All of the other shooters love the beautiful walnut, the checkering and most importantly how smooth the action is. The superb accuracy surprised all who were there. These seasoned shooters and gun aficionados all agreed with me when they remarked they have never witnessed a rough action on a Henry lever action rifle.

In summary of the Henry Arms Classic Lever Action Rifle review I can honestly state it is a beautifully balanced rifle with great accuracy in such a light (and quick) rifle. If you are in the market for a lever action .22 magnum rifle I highly recommend this one. Henry Arms also makes them right here in the U.S.A.! Be sure to head on over to their website, look around, and request a free paper catalog too.

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