The late Elmer Keith changed the gun and hunting industry forever.

His writings and his impact on the shooting community is not the only things he left behind.

Take a look at Elmer Keith‘s actual fired bullets he saved from his successful hunts so many years ago.

The great Elmer Keith is the inventor of many great cartridges including the famous .44 Magnum. He was a rancher, gun enthusiast and hunter. His strive for the perfect cartridges changed everything and his influence continues to direct hunters, shooters and the shooting industry.


Just like many of us good ole Mr. Keith collected mementoes of hunts past. These are the actual fired bullets. Notes on the envelopes that held the fired projectiles spell out what animal was taken, what caliber and grain of the bullet used, and what range.

Many thanks to YouTuber ReamerGuy for sharing this great video. His message on the video states:

“The Lost Collection. These bullets were collected by Elmer Kieth from various animals he killed in his lifetime. They disappeared from Murray State College in Tishomingo, OK in the summer of 2011. If you see these bullets in person please tell the possessor that they were taken and need to be donated to the Elmer Keith Museum in Boise, ID.”

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