The Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot has everything you can imagine.

They even had a ball turret live firing like they did in our grandfather’s time.

Witness this ball turret double machine gun fire for effect.

Slung underneath the bellies of World War Two era bombers a ball turret was the fighter plane’s worst enemy. It was a well trained gunner’s job with twin .50 BMG machine guns to protect the bomber from upward rushing attack planes.

At the Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot an actual ball turret is rigged up to a platform. Loaded with live ammo the shooter can strafe targets certainly safer than the greatest generation did back in the days of WW2 and beyond.

Step back for a spell and enjoy this video YouTuber Taigh Ramey shared. I thank every one of our military personnel past and present that have secured our freedoms and continue to. God bless you all.

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