It’s just a .22 right?

It won’t go that far…

Check out this video of the lowly .22 hitting a target at 500 yards away.

Many of us have heard other shooters say “it’s just a .22” as they shrug off the power. The warning label on the box might state “dangerous to 1.5 miles” or some such caution. That label speaks the truth.

A video shared by YouTuber Dennis Kirkpatrick proves that the .22 long rifle cartridge is indeed lethal way out there. A 16 inch square metal plate is targeted by a .22 long rifle caliber rifle. The Remington 40-X rifle puts the bullets on target way out at an astonishing 500 yards.

Better share this article with your buddies that scoff at the lethal nature of the .22 long rifle cartridge. Play nice with that little cartridge as it will reach out farther than you may have thought before.

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