When deep concealment is necessary better have a great holster.

My friends at Craft Holsters have the right gear for your carry needs.

I got a chance to test out both the Open-Muzzle IWB Holster along with the Double Mag Pouch and here is what I found. 


Today’s compact pistols are sure small and pack a lot easier than previous models. Case in point the Kahr PM9 pistol. Even though that pistol is small a proper holster is necessary for great concealment and comfort for all day carry.


Before we take a close look at this holster and also the Double Mag Holder let’s take a glance at some of the holster’s great features.

  • IWB (Inside Waistband) carry
  • Handmade product
  • Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
  • Custom glove-like fit
  • Double stitching on the entire holster
  • Reinforced opening
  • Open top & Open muzzle design
  • Easy and convenient (dis)mounting
  • Adjustable retention screw
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Available in right and left-handed version
  • 1.5″ wide belt slots by default, but you can ask for their widening

Right away I noticed the tough holster holds it’s shape even when the pistol is drawn for easy re-holstering. Many IWB holsters do not have that feature and a struggle ensues when your pistol needs to be re-holstered. The extra reinforcing on the top does a great job. The belt loops allow for quick installment on your belt and tucked into your pants. No need to drop your britches to add or take off your holster. That also is quite helpful for avoiding unnecessary drama that could cause.


The heavy duty construction is also quite a work of functional art. The retention screw near the pistol’s trigger guard gives you the right amount of retention for your carry needs.


Take a close look at the heavy duty stitching. Many holsters fail at the stitching and Craft Holsters always overbuilds their holsters to avoid that.


Now let’s look at the Craft Holsters Double Mag Holder. The same craftsmanship goes into the building of this extra ammo holder that is so important to the pistol carrier. Never leave home with just the ammo your handgun can carry. Always carry spare ammo! 


Here are some great features of the Double Magazine Holder.

  • OWB (Outside Waistband) carry on belt
  • Double magazine pouch
  • Hand made product
  • Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
  • Custom glove like fit
  • Open top design for easy access and quick draw
  • 2 tension screws for adjustable retention
  • 2 belt slots for increased belt stability
  • Available in mahogany and black leather
  • Designed for 1.5″ wide belts, but you can ask for their customization to fit belts of bigger size.
Once again buckle snaps allow the mag holder, like the holster, to be placed on the belt without un-doing that belt. It is quick on and quick off.
Quality stitching and fine leather make this Double Mag Holder every bit as tough as the Craft Holsters. Two retention screws allow the user to have the perfect fit for the handgun magazines.
So how well do they carry? Well the holster is quite comfortable and extremely well made. It holds the handgun in close to your body and can easily be concealed by my favorite flannel shirt. The Double Mag Holder also works great on my left side. It sits quite flat against my body also away from the prying eyes of the general public.
In summary of the testing of both the Craft Holsters Open-Muzzle IWB Holster along with the Double Mag Pouch I can honestly report both products work great. I have come to expect quality, comfort and value from all of Craft Holsters products and once again I was not disappointed. If you are looking for quality gear for your handgun carry needs be sure to stop over at their website. Be sure to tell them The Classic Woodsman sent ya’!

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