Are you looking for a quality leather shoulder holster? 

Well Craft Holsters has great options for you.

I got a chance to review the Craft Holsters Shoulder Holster System and this is how it did.


I was contacted by Craft Holsters from Slovakia with an offer to review an old world craftsmanship leather holster. Naturally my mind went to the outdoors and a tough handgun I carry a lot there, the Glock 20 SF in 10mm. Looking online at their selections I noticed the Craft Holsters Shoulder Holster System. My mind went from the woods to the city streets and everywhere in between. Then oddly, the theme song from the old hit T.V. hit series “Miami Vice” started playing in my head. Well, during the review I kept thinking of that great tune from the 1980’s and the great shoulder holsters the stars of that show wore. Good guy character Sonny Crockett would certainly pick this classy looking holster!


Let’s take a closer look at this great holster made by Falco Holsters for Craft Holsters.

  • Can also be used as a regular belt holster
  • Premium Italian leather with lacquered finish
  • Hand molded for perfect fit
  • Great stability and retention
  • Steel-reinforced thumb break
  • Counterweight magazine/speedloader pouch
  • The system comes entirely assembled
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Available in right and left-handed version
  • Lifetime warranty
Out of the box this handmade holster is supplied with a small Break-In Kit, instructions, and a bright green plastic chamber flag for safety while at the range or home. The holster comes fully assembled in it’s shoulder configuration. Interesting enough the pistol holster itself can be used separately as a belt holster. Now that is a great idea as you get more than just one holster carry option.

Taking a closer look we can see the holster is made from the finest Italian cowhide and sturdily stitched with high quality German threads. Up close you can see the quality with your own eyes.

Taking another look the quality of this holster build is certainly impressive.

As previously mentioned supplied with the holster are the instructions and the very important Small Break-In Kit.


The Break-In Kit is one of the most important care items you will find in the box. The leather holster shell is meant to fit your specific handgun make like a glove. In the kit you will find easy to follow instructions and the tools to custom fit your gun to that holster. From the factory my Glock 20 SF fit almost perfectly in the holster itself. The thumb strap needed a quick spray, a little stretching, and an overnight sit with the holstered handgun. After that the break in was about complete. Holstering and drawing the handgun further broke in the holster until the draw was silky smooth with no binding. Smooth is fast!


The Craft Holsters Shoulder Holster System comes with removable belt loops also. They are quite handy to have on but can be quickly removed if you want an even more covert carry. Both ways are extremely stable in carry and draw. Ultimately the decision is up to you. Personally, I do like both options.

Belt loops on the holster shell itself allows for use of up to a 1.5″ wide belt. This allows for use as a belt holster with the shoulder straps removed. The shoulder straps themselves can be adjusted up to a XL size, and larger straps can be customized to you if you are a bigger build.

The color I requested is mahogany. Black is also available and right or left versions are also available. I chose right handed for the review.


When I set up the Craft Holsters Shoulder Holster System I went with my favorite way to carry a shoulder holster I call “high & tight”. I have found with my thinner build that if I adjust a shoulder holster to be higher under my arm and tighter on my body, that allows concealment with less over garments over both the holster and weapon.


For my review images I chose to show the whole holster system un-concealed for easy view. This is also an in the wilds style carry where concealment is a non-issue. As you can see the holster holds the big Glock pistol nice and tight close to my body. The removable belt clips are not utilized in these images but are ready to hold up your regular pants belt or ammunition loop belt.

Two spare magazines are held comfortably at the ready. Just like the pistol holster itself they are out of the way but quick to access in a hurry.


The shoulder straps are made of soft, comfortable leather that lays flat across the back. This is extremely important for concealment of any shoulder holster. This holster does an incredible job concealed under even light clothing during testing.


So what are my main thoughts after thoroughly testing the Craft Holsters Shoulder Holster System? Well I love the strong construction of the stitching and the quality leather. The steel reinforced thumb break allows for a quick release and a smooth draw. The holster system is very comfortable to wear and conceals a large frame handgun with ease along with spare magazines.

Side note is that this holster will also fit the same large frame size Glock 21. That .45 ACP. caliber pistol was also tried during this review and fit perfectly.


If you are looking for a quality leather shoulder holster I can highly recommend the Craft Holsters Shoulder Holster System. Be sure to check that great holster and all of the other great carry options on the Craft Holsters website. They are certainly Classic Woodsman approved!

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