When happens when you don’t pay attention when shooting a .458 caliber rifle?

Well that heavy kicking rifle is ready to kick back if your finger goes in the wrong place.

Witness this negligent discharge and wonder where the bullet headed off to way yonder.

Whether this rifle was a .458 Winchester Magnum or the even more potent .458 Lott something bad is headed off to the horizon.

In this video shared by YouTuber Chris De Villiers we witness his friend Grant in a training class with the powerful .458 caliber rifle. Quick shooting at dangerous game up close is the name of the game. The first three shots did well enough, but the fourth was fired unintentionally. Caught off guard this shooter certainly was surprised as was the rest of the bystanders.

This video is a lesson to all of us that first off never fire a weapon too powerful for you or that you are not comfortable shooting. Your knowledge of the safe operation is imperative for your safety and everyone else within range of an errant round.

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