Media in many ways has not changed.

Many reporters have absolutely no clue about the subjects they are reporting on.

Check out this classic gun fail that put everyone near this reporter in serious jeopardy.

The ignorant media can be very toxic and ultimately dangerous. When this news reporter is filmed at a police gun range the unthinkable happens.

In this video shared by YouTuber dawgkita we meet a news reporter that knows nothing about gun safety. She appears too be busy with being giddy by this police range officer and showing off for the camera. She waves a loaded revolver around like a toy. She has pointed that revolver at everyone present. The officer steps in and the reporter laughs off the seriousness of the gun safety fails.

While this video is certainly back from awhile ago gun safety is no joke. Hopefully she learned a valuable lesson that day. Lucky for everyone else she didn’t pull the trigger when that revolver was pointed at them.

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