Can you be over-gunned for a deer hunt?

Well this .50 BMG rifle has plenty of power to spare in that category.

Watch as Keith Warren kills a doe by concussion only from a mighty .50 BMG caliber rifle.

On a deer management hunt a doe was selected for harvest. No a standard deer rifle, bow or muzzleloader was used in this harvest. The rifle of choice was a mighty .50 BMG caliber beast.

Mr. Warren was striving for a quick humane head shot. In this action packed video we witness the doe in slow motion take a massive hit and go down like lightning hit it. Well everything is not exactly what it looks like. The massive bullet barely touched the deer’s head. What did touch it was the massive concussion from the passing .50 BMG projectile. That power wave hit that doe in the head like a sledgehammer.

If you have ever questioned the theory that “a .50 BMG bullet can kill without even hitting the target” this proves it plausible. What incredible power is contained in that massive cartridge. Special thanks to Keith Warren for sharing this video of one almost unbelievable shot and outcome.

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