Is there a thing as too much fun?

Well this shooter can probably agree there is.

Witness the Tannerite fail that sent shrapnel over the shooter’s head.

There are so many things going wrong before the shot at a Tannerite target is ever fired. The shooter is certainly way to close. The target was placed on a tree that will cause quite a bit of wooden shrapnel.

The footage in the slow motion video shared by YouTuber Todd Esbeck starts by a shot fired from a kneeling stance shooter. That was a wiser decision than standing up that will be proved true in seconds. The explosion blows wooden chunks off the tree and directly at the shooter. One larger piece zips dangerously close over his head while others pepper the area like a claymore mine.

As with shooting any target always use the utmost care to avoid ricochets and other dangerous occurrences. Always be careful or you might regret that shot for the rest of your life or worse…

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