Think you have witnessed every possible Tannerite fail?

How about a ricocheting microwave to this shooter’s face?

Witness the incredible footage of a Tannerite launched microwave piece into this shooter’s face.

When shooting binary explosives many objects can become dangerous shrapnel. There are videos of truck doors, refrigerator doors, lawnmower parts, boulders and everything else imaginable coming back at the shooter. Well how about a chunk of microwave?

YouTuber Robert McClung shared a video of some microwave shooting. This microwave was packed with Tannerite. After some shots the microwave exploded. A large piece of that microwave ricocheted back at the shooter catching him right in the face. Incredibly the shooter was not injured.

Always use extra caution when shooting any type of binary explosive or target that may ricochet. The life you save may just be your own.

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