Dragons breath shotshells have torched more than a few places unintentionally.

These police officers are about to experience that first hand.

Witness why it’s not wise to use dragons breath loads in an indoor range.

Facebook page Red Planet Arsenal shared a video of police officers about to learn how they are not fire fighters.

The scene is an indoor shooting range. Shotguns are being used with presumably dragons breath loads. First shots there is little action. Then all heck breaks loose. It appears the rubber mat on the range catches fire really quickly. Remember that mat was probably saturated with un-burned powder from how many previous shots fired at that range. Rubber is also extremely flammable making this a recipe for disaster. The inferno is on in seconds and that range is toast.

When firing any sort of incendiary or tracer ammunition it is best to use them outside and not around anything flammable. Many fail at this concept and fires start. Don’t be that guy!

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